Welcome to the official website «PROPLAST» LLC.

Our company is one of the largest producers of polymer products on the territory of Ukraine. The products manufactured by our company meets all standards of quality and service at the highest level.

We present our entire products line, produced by the Group of Companies, Manufacturers of products made of polymers, which includes the LLC Proplast.

Шпажки и мешалки (Skewers and stirrers) ПЭТ стакан (PET cups) Шпуля картонная (Carton spool) Изделия из бамбука и дерева (Bamboo and Wood products) Продукция для соковых заводов (Products for juice plant) Пакеты для вакуумной упаковки (Vacuum bags for food packaging) Изделия для баров и ресторанов (Products for bars and restaurants)

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