Packing materials

Plastic wrap – a product which is in need by every catering company, bar, restaurant and shop. This versatile material for food packaging. Due to the special composition the edible film has excellent characteristics, combining high strength, relative resistance to high temperature and mechanical damage, thin, the ability to take the shape of the object for which it is used.

Pallet stretch (stretch) film – modern packaging material with the ability to reversibly stretch with extension up to 300% and above has increased durability, resistance to puncture, to сhock and to punching, comparably to conventional film materials. Unique characteristic of stretch film is the stickiness of layers relative to each other.

Pallet transfer film is used as a group and transport packaging to palletizing – that greatly facilitates the work with finished goods in storage and in transit. For example, to build finished products on pallet by means of rotary wrapping. Thanks to the film pre-stretching prior to a wrapping of pallets, it appears a “restrain” force, owing to film’s impuls to return to its original state. This ensures sustainable bond of a cargo during transportation and handing. This method is particularly useful when using the lift truck.

Pallets, packed with such a film, well protected from the effects of the environment.