Vacuum bags for food packaging

This type of packaging for meat, fish, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and ready-to-cook foods, bakery and confectionery products. Vacuum bags have indisputable advantages in comparison with conventional polyethylene.

Firstly, impermeability. Packages prevent getting inside of oxygen, water vapour and other gases which are able tospoile  a product in a short period.

Secondly, enhanceablestrenghts. For this reason tape is widely used with the different forms of including angular. Except it, application of such packing is also possible for products having bones, that quite often meets in meat products.

Thirdly, safety. It is confirmed by corresponding norms. Packages for a vacuum packing are made from ecofriendly materials. They are not toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals. So, their application is absolutely safe and does not render even slightest negative influence on product.

Fourthly, wonderful consumer properties. A vacuum package is absolutely transparent. A juicy and fresh look of product is an effective and powerful stimulus to purchase exactly your commodity.

Finally, cost. A cost of packages for product vacuum packaging – is a quite low. So it does not impact on a final offer to customer. Thus, it does not decrease the demand on a commodity. Therefore, such film can afford any company – from a large network to small pavilions and packing workshops.